Welcome to the vanity domain of Kyle Unverferth, a software engineer in Denver.


In addition to working as a software engineer for more than twenty years, I've built dozens of open source projects as I've learned and grown as a developer. The one I'm most proud of is Project Forge. It's a Go/TypeScript application that manages other software projects. I've been hacking on it for five years; it started as a challenge to build the fastest modern web application I could, then I kept adding features as I discovered new ways to solve problems. Now it's gotten completely out of control. Your app can have:
  • Comprehensive dependency-free frameworks for building your app with Go and TypeScript.
  • Code generation of simple CRUD applications, with a lightning-fast API and UI.
  • Build lifecycle management, CI/CD, linting, testing, and dependency updates.
  • Lightweight generated mobile apps using Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS.
  • Desktop apps for all major platforms, smaller than 40MB, using a custom webview.
  • ESBuild TypeScript project with zero dependencies and custom JSX/React implementations.
  • A truly rich frontend for your application that works without JavaScript.
  • Role-based security and enforcement using OAuth, with optional users and auditing.
  • WebSocket framework with broadcast, direct message, and tap support.
  • Database support for every major RDBMS, with a dynamic UI and migration support.
  • Test coverage using Playwright, K6, and OpenAPI.
  • Reactive and accessible UI, with every request supporting JSON, YAML, XML, CSV, and Protobuf.
  • Builds for any platform Go supports, with packaged and signed builds for all platforms.
  • Admin diagnostics, observability via OpenTelemetry, and easy deployment to K8S.
  • Secure frameworks for GraphQL, OpenAPI, Observable Notebook, event queues, HTTP proxies, scheduled jobs, and WebAssembly.
This site is managed using Project Forge