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About Kyle

I've been creating software for more than 25 years, and coding is still my true passion. I specialize in software performance, simplicity, developer experience, and solving the difficult problems that arise with complex distributed systems. In my last role, I served as a Principal Engineer for a large engineering team, designing and building a large global web commerce platform where I created architecture, frameworks, and backend services, mostly in Golang and TypeScript.

I've built many open-source projects, with Project Forge being the best representation of my work. It’s a solo project with almost 100KLoC, and has delivered significant value to the organizations I collaborate with, despite being currently unannounced and under-documented.

I'm seeking full-time employment as a Principal Software Engineer or similar role. I'm eager to bring my extensive experience to a new team, contribute to exciting projects, and work alongside other passionate developers. Feel free to drop me a line at if you think we could be a good match.