Project Forge

Generate, manage, and grow applications built using the Go programming language

Work with your dev team to estimate work, track your progress, and gather feedback


Basically Postman, it helps you explore and test HTTP services with a focus on speed and correctness

Load Toad

A tool for uploading HTTP Archives (`.har` files) and running load tests


A database management application, basically; it does other stuff too

TODO Forge

Manages collections of todo items; a fairly bare-bones demo app


Web game based on the Community episode "Digital Estate Planning"

A fairly full-featured Solitaire game, it saw limited success before I sold the domain


Scala reactive web application that served as a template for other projects


Generates beautiful Scala code from your Postgres database, GraphQL queries, or TypeScript definitions

Database Flow

A Scala web application that helps you discover and search your database using SQL and GraphQL

ScalaJS TypeScript

A TypeScript-to-Scala.js converter, used for DefinitelyScala

Puzzle Brawl

Web version of Super Puzzle Fighter, one of my favorite games


A planning poker app, using an actix-web server communicating via websocket to WASM shared code


An outdated Rust project template for dynamic web applications

Restless Realms

A multiplayer RPG on the web, from back when it was hard to build those sorts of things

GraphQL Gateway

Scala-based GraphQL gateway for REST and GraphQL services