• Projects
    The open source projects I've built
    • Project Forge
      Generate, manage, and grow applications built using the Go programming language
      Work with your dev team to estimate work, track your progress, and gather feedback
    • NPN
      Basically Postman, it helps you explore and test HTTP services with a focus on speed and correctness
    • Load Toad
      A tool for uploading HTTP Archives (`.har` files) and running load tests
    • Admini
      A database management application, basically; it does other stuff too
    • TODO Forge
      Manages collections of todo items; a fairly bare-bones demo app
    • Hawkthorne
      Web game based on the Community episode "Digital Estate Planning"
      A fairly full-featured Solitaire game, it saw limited success before I sold the domain
    • Boilerplay
      Scala reactive web application that served as a template for other projects
    • Projectile
      Generates beautiful Scala code from your Postgres database, GraphQL queries, or TypeScript definitions
    • Database Flow
      A Scala web application that helps you discover and search your database using SQL and GraphQL
    • ScalaJS TypeScript
      A TypeScript-to-Scala.js converter, used for DefinitelyScala
    • Puzzle Brawl
      Web version of Super Puzzle Fighter, one of my favorite games
    • Rustimate
      A planning poker app, using an actix-web server communicating via websocket to WASM shared code
    • Generust
      An outdated Rust project template for dynamic web applications
    • Restless Realms
      A multiplayer RPG on the web, from back when it was hard to build those sorts of things
    • GraphQL Gateway
      Scala-based GraphQL gateway for REST and GraphQL services
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